Custom Design of a Humidifier System for Food Sanitation

Custom Design of a Humidifier System for Food Sanitation

Food Sanitation Application


Smart Fog® was recently asked to integrate two of our nozzle ES100 injection systems into a packing house’s already-existent produce conveyor system. The facility was using a peroxide-based solution to spray all produce and thereby eliminate any contaminants prior to packing, but they wanted to upgrade the efficiency of the process.


Our ES100 systems included external nozzles, a CPLC2N controller, an ES100PB1, and an INJ-1 injection system. Our CPLC controller possessed a special fog tunnel program with optional air pressure sensor. The PLC control incorporated 4 analog inputs, 7 transistor outputs, 2 lines x 16 characters, STN LCD, LED backlighting, HMI displays, and a 24 VDC power supply. To top it all off, our ES100PB1 unit possessed a 640 L/min air filter set, a 130 mesh screen water filter, and an air control electric valve: all in all, a formidable addition to any decontamination system.

With the ability to spray 3 gallons of solution per hour on the conveyer and work in temperature ranges of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or more, our injection system was successfully connected to our client’s conveyor in such a way that they were able to operate seamlessly in tandem. This system possessed an automatic flush system that kept all pipes maximally clean. We were able to provide our client with a more efficient and effective approach to maintaining proper food sanitation. For more information, please contact Smart Fog® today to get details on our full design and equipment services.




Food Sanitation Project Details


Product Description We built this humidifier system for use within a food sanitation environment.

Components Used– ES100-2 with external nozzles
– CPLC2N Control
– ES100PB1
– INJ-1 Injection System
System CapacityES100-2 system can spray 3 gallons/hour of solution on the conveyer.  The system can work in temperature range of 50 F+.

Detailed Specifications
CPLC Controller Program included in this solution:  Fog Tunnel – special program with optional air pressure sensor.

PLC Control Specifications:
4 Analog inputs, 7 Transistor Outputs, 2 Lines x 16 characters, STN LCD, LED  backlight HMI Displays, 24 VDC power supply.

ES100PB1 Includes: 640 L/min air filter set, 130 mesh screen water filter and air control electric valve.

Industry of UseFood Sanitation

Application NamePacking House Injection System

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