Custom Commercial Industrial Humidification Control Services

When you absolutely need to maintain humidity levels at a precise level or range within your industrial or commercial business. Smart Fog® can provide the proper systems, capabilities, and services to suit your requirements for industrial humidification control. We carry a full range of high-performance systems and components that can be fitted to specific applications and environments, from greenhouses to frozen storage.

Our products are fully capable of controlling ambient moisture at up to 100% humidity and can accommodate total areas ranging anywhere between 100-1,000,000+ square feet. All the while, they consume water sparingly, with a 100% evaporation efficacy, and possess droplet sizes down to 4.2 microns, the lowest volume in our industry.

Easy to install, and with mobile units available, Smart Fog® industrial humidification control systems are the finest products in their industry. For more information, please contact Smart Fog® today for details on our full design and equipment services.


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Humidification of Wine Barrels
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Custom Humidification System for a Winery Barrel Room Application Construction of an ES100 Injection System for a Food Sanitation Application Construction of an ES100 Humidification System for a Potato Storage Facility

Construction of an MS100 Dust Suppression System for a Battery Recycling Plant
Construction of an ES100 Humidification System for a Printing HouseConstruction of an ES100 Humidification System for a Cold Storage Application

Commercial and Industrial Humidification Control Capabilities:

Standard Humidification System Components ES100PB Control Box
Smart Fog® ES100PB control unit is a reliable control center for the ES100 system.  Easy plug and play install and maintenance free design provide a durable industrial solution for most humidity control applications.CPLC Controller
Smart Fog® CPLC controller unit is an industrial relative humidity and temperature controller. This unit provides accurate, user-friendly control interface.  Proprietary intelligent algorithms provide unsurpassed accuracy and set and forget functionality.

S Series
Relative humidity sensors the Smart Fog® ‘S’ Series relative humidity sensors are designed to withstand harsh environment, and provide accuracy of 1% and 0.1% (depending on the model). All sensors are equipped with temperature compensation.

Optional System ComponentsChemical Injector
Fully automated precise injection of any water dissolving material.  No priming required. More0ver, the user-friendly interface allows digital input of the desired ratio.

ZeroTDS® Water Filter
Smart Fog® ZeroTDS filter system is a four stage filter which removes all minerals from the water, providing pure DI water.
Intended Humidification ApplicationsStandard Model Types & Specs

Capacity: 0 to 1.5 GPH
Minimum temperature: 50°F
Compressed air requirement: 2 CFM @ 110 PSI
Water pressure requirement: 10 PSI

Capacity: 0 to 3 GPH
Minimum temperature: 50°F
Compressed air requirement: 4CFM @ 110 PSI
Water pressure requirement: 10 PSI

For Cold Temperatures

Capacity: 0 to 1.5 GPH
Minimum temperature: 28°F
Compressed air requirement: 2 CFM @ 110 PSI
Water pressure requirement: 10 PSI

Capacity: 0 TO 3 GPH
Minimum temperature: 28°F
Compressed air requirement: 4 CFM @ 110 PSI
Water pressure requirement: 10 PSI

For larger applications or humidity needs. This model was engineered for complex, large scale humidity control applications, such as dirt suppression and greenhouse/nursery operations over 10,000 sq. feet.

Complete soft fog solution for the extremely water sensitive environment. Can operate utilizing only 20 PSI of compressed air pressure.

Fog Tunnel
The fog tunnel is a complete food safety solution. Implemented on any existing conveyor system or custom manufactured for new installations.  Also, The contained structure helps limit worker exposure of the disinfectant.

Unit Design

All Smart Fog® systems are designed for fast and low-cost installation. Whereas, the system does not require the use of any adhesives and comes with push-in connectors which can be re-used.

The system is designed to meet the highest industry standards, building codes and electrical requirements. In addition, all standard system piping is plastic flexible piping which is extremely durable and easy to install. Moreover, Smart Fog® systems can be mounted on the wall, placed adjacent to air handling units, suspended from the ceiling or inserted into ducts From 100 square feet to over 1,000,000+ square feet.

Droplet Size

4.2 Microns

Industries Served

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