Commercial Humidifiers and the Dangers of Low Humidity

Some environments are overly conducive to low humidity, though it can sometimes happen in artificial environments, like your workplace. Commercial Humidifiers are key to solve this issue. It’s something to pay attention to if you never have, and it all starts with understanding what relative humidity is.

Relative humidity determines how much water vapor is in the air, whether outdoors or indoors. When it’s overly low indoors, it causes more problems than you think. Overall, humidity seriously affects how human beings feel and perform in their jobs.

If humidity is overly high, you’ll likely get a lot of complaints from workers about feeling overly sweaty while being stationary. When the humidity gets overly low, it can start to bring on some serious health concerns in your workers.

This is why you need to use commercial humidifiers to keep the relative humidity in your business at around 45%. Usually anywhere between 30% to 50% brings a perfect comfort level.

Regardless, you need more awareness of what low humidity could do to your employees, your equipment, and building structure.

Commercial Humidifiers Solves Potential Health Problems With Low Humidity

It’s possible you’re not even aware your work environment has overly low humidity levels. Be sure to test and see what the relative humidity level is in every department.

Without checking, it could lead to some serious health problems that go beyond just feeling uncomfortable. It can lead to aggravated asthma and allergies in those most vulnerable.

In others, it could cause coughing, irritated eyes, or excessive runny noses. Some workers might automatically write this off as merely an allergy problem if during allergy season. Still, they may not realize themselves they’re working in a health-damaging workspace.

Additional health issues could include breathing problems, cracked lips, or itchy skin. Some might experience acute static shocks due to overly dry indoor air. Despite sounding harmless, it could cause major problems while doing physical labor.

Buying a commercial humidifier, you solve many of the above potential health risks. You’ll also prevent potential turnover due to so many of your employees feeling uncomfortable working in your company. Plus, you’ll avoid any legal problems with employees suing over health issues.

How Low Humidity Could Affect Business Equipment

Now that you know how low humidity affects human health consider what it could do in damaging expensive office equipment. As many humidifier experts note, excessive static electricity from overly low humidity could cause serious issues to electronics in your building.

Bacteria, mold, and dust can build up in other equipment as well and cause serious issues requiring frequent repair bills. After a while, the excessive expenses from repairs could cut into your profits, in addition to requiring reinvestment in new equipment.

Without checking your relative humidity level, you may not fully understand why your equipment keeps having breakdowns. Buying a commercial humidifier helps leverage your humidity levels to maintain your equipment’s health and save you from malfunctions at the worst possible times.

Preserving Wood in Your Workplace

You have to think about the building you work in and how to protect it from overly low humidity. Its possible wood makes up most of the materials around your workplace. Overly low humidity levels affect wood very dramatically, including causing cracks or gaps between floor boards.

The last thing you want is to start experiencing structural issues in the place where you work. Also, if you sell many wood products, low humidity could cause damage to your inventory, hence becoming a money-losing disaster.

Here at Smart Fog Inc., we provide some of the best commercial humidifiers in the industry using patented technology to give you the best results. This includes being able to manipulate the droplet size of the water from each humidifier for the most efficient use.

Contact us to find out more about the technology behind our commercial humidifiers and the scientific benefits we’ve designed.

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