Commercial Humidifier Food Safety Sanitation

Food storage requires climate control so that harmful bacteria are not able to spread. Commercial humidifier systems which suppress airborne particles are effective not only in suppressing bacteria but dust too. Room humidifiers which prevent the accumulation of wet spots also avoid the growth of mold, keeping fresh produce fresher and cleaner. This saves suppliers considerable amounts of money which would otherwise be wasted on spoiled produce.


Choosing between Commercial Humidifier Systems

Different designs present different advantages – a ‘tunnel’ system that is designed expressly for food safety and sanitation, which makes use of food-grade components, is naturally the best solution for ripening and storage facilities. In industrial processes where cleanliness is not the main criteria, a simpler system might be adequate. If you are looking for a fog system for a particular application, it might be best to speak to your suppliers directly and find out which solution they would recommend. Contact industrial fog system suppliers via

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