Commercial Humidifier: Benefits for 3 Industries

Smart Fog is a commercial humidifier company. They produce humidifiers that help a variety of different industries. The Smart Fog humidifiers use micron droplets that will never leave any wet surfaces in the room. These humidifiers will eliminate dust, bacteria, mold, and viruses. The humidifiers will keep a constant level of humidity based on what is needed for the environment. Read on for information about three industries that can benefit from a commercial humidifier.

Commercial Humidifier in the Food Industry

The commercial food industry can greatly benefit from a Smart Fog commercial humidifier. These humidifiers can be used in many areas in the food industry. This includes pre-cooling and cold storage systems, transportation systems, and in retail display cases. Smart Fog also provides a non-wetting fogging chamber that can be used in the conveyor belt phase of the supply chain. The humidifiers work well in the produce storage systems. They can operate well even at low temperatures and they contain organic disinfectant that can penetrate packed boxes. During transportation, the humidifier disinfects the container or truck before departure. This helps eliminate viruses and bacteria. Once produce reaches the display case at the grocery store, Smart Fog helps enhance the quality and shelf life of the products.

Benefits in the Medical Industry

The medical world is another place that benefits from Smart Fog. This environment needs to be as bacteria and virus-free as possible. This will help prevent the spreading of germs and diseases. Whether this is in a doctor’s office or in a laboratory, a Smart Fog commercial humidifier is a great solution. It will keep the area clean and at the perfect level of humidity.

Commercial Humidifier in the Education Industry

Educational facilities also greatly benefit from Smart Fog. A commercial humidifier can help eliminate germs that are always present in schools. This is especially helpful in the heart of winter when flu and cold season is at its peak. Schools can also keep the humidity levels stable in the hallways and classrooms with the in-duct humidifier system.

A commercial humidifier has many benefits for the food, medical, and educational industries. From the non-wetting technology to the elimination of mold, viruses, bacteria, and dust, these humidifiers are perfect when the environment needs to be clean. Whether fruit needs to be kept clean or a school needs to eliminate viruses, Smart Fog will get the job done. Contact Smart Fog for more information about our products.

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