Bringing You Perfect Food at the Perfect Temperature

Record temperatures around the world have sent people scurrying for cooler air indoors. For people who transport food, that requires a cold environment in order to remain fresh. The hotter than usual temperatures have made their job a bit more complicated. It is not just the temperature that must be maintained, but also an overall optimum environment. Cold storage humidification systems can regulate temperatures and provide just the right amount of moisture for food to make it from one destination to the next, in the best possible condition.

Non-wetting humidification systems are especially useful in food transport, as they create an appropriately moist environment without creating one that is ideal for mold and mildew growth. Nobody wants to buy a dried out vegetable, but one that is covered in mold or fungus from storage in a wet environment is equally unappealing. Non-wetting cold storage humidification can help maintain the perfect balance, so that the perfect food makes its way to homes around the world.

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