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What is the definition of HVAC?

HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. In most applications, HVAC refers only to air conditioning both for cooling and heating systems. In a modern environment control, humidity is a critical aspect. Humidity directly affects cooling and heating.

How does Humidification effect HVAC?

There are many aspects to consider when implementing a Humidification system in a HVAC system. Cooling or heating there is always condensation to consider. When cooling the duct system temperature fluctuations will create condensation.

Why Smart Fog Technology is ideal for HVAC Humidification

Smart Fog delivers the ideal non-moistening, and non-condensing fog directly injected into the air. The Smart Fog Humidification System does not require any drain or droplet filters.

Maintenance savings utilizing Smart Fog’s HVAC Humidification System

Smart Fog system requires little to no maintenance to maintain 24/7 industrial operation. The units installed in the Ducts have no moving parts and never have to be replaced or maintained. The only required maintenance is changing filer elements for compressed air and water every two years.

Does Smart Fog System increase energy cost for heating?

The answering is no; all Smart Fog systems can be factory calibrated to provide the most energy-efficient format of humidification. If the HVAC is cooling, then the system will provide cooling assistance and save on cooling costs. While if it is heating the system will not influence the heating temperature.

The best HVAC systems, which use Decorrelation Dry Fog technology manufactured by Smart Fog. The Humidification systems provided by Smart Fog is capable of providing greater climate control. Additionally, all systems are capable of producing ultra fine mist while using less power than older machines and technology. The HVAC humidification system is suitable for almost any size application and can be found, and multiple machines of different models can be purchased through Smart Fog, so that the business has a complete humidifier solution which is capable of fulfilling all of your HVAC and Humidification needs.

Please contact Smart Fog for a free no obligation humidification assessment by a humidification expert.

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