Benefits of Industrial Humidifiers for the Food Service Industry

Food service is a delicate business. You want to keep your customers happy, your staff safe, and your reputation untarnished. Far too many news stories lately reveal poor food service conditions. The establishments in question often lose business. Some never make a full recovery and are forced to close down. Industrial humidifiers can help you prevent many problems that could potentially harm your business. They’ll keep your kitchens running smoothly and safely.


Most importantly, industrial humidifiers keep your spaces clean and healthy. In the food service industry, safety becomes your number one priority. Humidifiers can help you keep up with that need. First, an industrial humidifier will keep your space free from dust. Even better, it keeps airborne viruses and bacteria out of the air. A properly functioning humidifier can prevent mold, too. Furthermore, kitchen staff and anybody else who works near the food will have a safe and healthy environment.

Keep Produce and Meat Fresh

Did you know that many industrial humidifiers also have a cooling function?  The water droplets themselves provide a certain level of cooling, of course. Some humidifiers take the cooling process one step further, though. With the optional double cooling feature, a humidifier can cool both the water and the air. This feature certainly benefits kitchens that work with a lot of meat and produce. Even without this extra feature, the added moisture in the air keeps fruits and vegetables thriving until they can be sold.

Eliminate Static

The food service industry works with a lot of electronics and a lot of metal surfaces. This can create a danger during dry months, especially as humans often carry static on their clothing. Static charge can cause electronic devices to malfunction or break. Even when not dangerous, static can absolutely become irritating. Any paper or plastic used to wrap food will cling to other items. And kitchen staff will have to put up with annoying and painful static shocks. However, an industrial humidifier can eliminate this static, providing kitchen staff members with a safer and more comfortable work environment.

Smart Fog

Having been in the business for decades, Smart Fog knows how to provide the best industrial humidifiers. We care deeply about our customers, which is why we only provide the best service. Our time-honored humidifying system will efficiently clean and cool your work spaces. Furthermore, your humidifier will come with no moving parts or difficult installation needs. Are you ready to see your food service business thrive? Contact us now to get your free quote.

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