Bacteria Free Food

Bacteria in food can be pretty scary.  There have been a few recent bacterial scares relating to produce that was shipped to various parts of the world.  These problems have highlighted the issue of how to combat bacteria in food that is shipped from one location to another.  There was a time when it was simply impossible to find certain fruits and vegetables during particular seasons.  Now, with the use of airplanes and climate-controlled systems, it is possible to buy fruits and vegetables from other parts of the world during the “off-season”.  However, these items must be packed and stored appropriately, or bacterial issues can arise.

One of the ways that food can be protected is through the use of cold storage humidification systems that also disinfect.  The food safety can be guaranteed through the use of a non-wetting humidifcation system that maintains optimal temperatures and disinfects the items with an organic disinfectant.  The result is that you can be certain that you are delivering quality, bacteria, mold, and fungus-free food to your clients.  In turn, they can feel confident that the produce they are selling is healthy and safe for their customers.

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