Automatic Misting System and Mist Cooling Systems

Misting System and Mist Cooling Systems

Humidity control is an important aspect of many types of businesses and cool mist humidifiers are used in many of these applications. At Smart Fog, you will find humidifiers that provide misting system that will keep humidity levels constant and create the ideal atmosphere in a greenhouse for plant growth. These misting humidifiers are designed using the newest technology to create humidity levels that exceed 90% but don’t result in wetting, which can be a problem that occurs with other types of humidifiers.

Humidifiers at Smart Fog

The humidifiers available at Smart Fog are capable of producing mist that contains water droplets of mere microns. It provides the greater control of humidity and it is more evenly dispersed. If you have a hot house or you are in the business of wine-making, the humidity of the atmosphere where you perform these industrial processes determine the quality of the final product and are a major factor in your industry.

Smaller Droplet of Mist

A humidifier that provides misting of these smaller droplets of water will give you the control to keep the humidity levels constant. A misting system will allow you to set the humidity at the level you want it at and then perform all the adjustments automatically. This can help greatly in industries where manual adjustments are too much of a bother to make them effective. You can purchase machines which will provide a greater degree of control and lessen the manual input straight from the manufacturers when you go online to

Misting Humidifiers

You will find advanced humidifier machines in addition to misting humidifiers at Smart Fog. All of the Dry Fog humidifiers use advanced technology to provide you with climate control. Moreover, some of them have the misting humidity for more efficient consumption of water that also requires less power. Humidifiers for agricultural companies or storage can create large humidity levels throughout large spaces. But it doesn’t create wetness which can be detrimental to your applications. The whole idea behind misting humidifiers is to control the humidity. Dry Fog is the technology that delivers this control to your business.

Mist Cooling for HVAC

Dry Fog humidifiers use advanced technology for misting that were created in the last quarter of the twentieth century. This is also available in the HVAC systems that used for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. When you purchase an HVAC system from Smart Fog, you get a product that provides the service you need. It is also beneficial in reducing water consumption and the use of power. The consumption can be reduced as much as 60%. So that you can save money as well as resources while obtaining the results you need.

Dry Fog technology is simply the best technology available in the industry. It has made Smart Fog the number one provider of humidity control products. Misting humidifiers and other humidity control products. You can check them at Smart Fog. The company is committed to providing you with the products you need. They evolve to use the newest in technology so that they continue to provide the humidity control products. They continue to strive to improve their products, earn your trust, and give the best customer service available.