Air Humidifiers

Maintaining the proper humidity levels is important for a variety of reasons, regardless of where you are. Proper humidity levels can reduce the levels of dust and allergens in the air, prevent the growth of molds and bacteria, enhance the growth of plants and the quality of wines and produce, and improve the lifespan of a wide range of items. DryFog creates air humidifiers that can solve all of your humidity related problems, even ones you didn’t realize you had.

Suppressing Dust and Allergens

quality air humidifier system is an excellent way to suppress dust and allergens in the air. By raising the humidity in a room you fill the air with water droplets that will capture and reduce free-floating dust and allergen particles. It is important to use the right kind of humidifier system though because larger diameter water droplets are less effective, and the wrong kind of humidity will cause condensation and can encourage the growth of molds and bacteria.

Mold Prevention

In the modern house there are lots of dark places, and in humid environments and houses with leaky plumbing, you can find plenty of damp places as well, and when you bring the 2 conditions together you have the perfect place for molds to grow. And to make matters worse, there are occasions where you need to add more humidity to your house. But if you use wrong air humidifiers, you will get condensation, creating just the kind of damp places you want to avoid. While you can not get rid of all the dark places, when you use the proper humidity control systems you can prevent the condensation and standing water that molds need to grow.


The whole purpose of building a greenhouse is to have a controlled environment, either to help plants grow better or to raise plants that otherwise could not grow at all in that area. The functions of a greenhouse are to control the climate inside, to moderate or raise temperatures and to maintain certain humidity levels. Often a greenhouse needs to have a high level of humidity, but the problem with this is that it can lead to the standing water and mold problems in the building that were mentioned above. Also, the wrong kind of humidity can lead to bacteria, molds, and fungus, and other kinds of diseases infecting the plants themselves. This is why it is very important to have the right kind of humidity.

Wine Cellars

Traditional wine cellars were built underground as a way to maintain very precise levels of heat and humidity. The problem is that placing a wine cellar under 3 feet or more of the earth is a difficult and costly undertaking. In an effort to save money many wineries build their cellars above ground instead. For thousands of years humans have controlled the temperatures inside their buildings, and we have gotten pretty good at it. But while we can easily maintain the right room temperature, it is just as important to producing the superior wine that you keep the right amounts of humidity as well.

There are a lot of problems that can occur when the air gets too dry. Wooden barrels can dry, wrap, and shrink, allowing the wine to leak out and air to leak in. If the cork dries then it can shrink and let air in as well. In either case, the exposure to air causes the wine to turn to vinegar. Also, as the air dries then the wine itself can begin to evaporate, it is possible to lose as much as 15% of the wine to this, which is quite a cut to profits.

But adding too much humidity or the wrong kind can lead to the same problems of condensation and standing water that we have seen in many other scenarios. It is important to have the right air humidifiers, to maintain adequate humidity without creating too much.

Produce Storage

When it comes to storing produce, it is important to keep it from drying out. That is why many places will spray the produce with water, or keep it in high humidity environments. The moisture helps to keep it fresh longer. The problem is that too much moisture can lead to standing water, molds and fungus, and spoiled and rotten food. It is important that the air humidifiers that you can keep the relative humidity inside a certain percentage range. You need a system that can accurately track the moisture levels in the air and add more water only when it is needed.


Maintaining the appropriate conditions inside the warehouse is important. Changes in temperature can cause expansion and shrinkage of the product. Low humidity will cause some materials to dry and shrink while high humidity causes them to swell. Over time the repetition of these effects can damage products. Also, the wrong humidity levels can decrease the value of a product as products gain or loose moisture.

Some other benefits to having a quality air humidifier system in place are the reduction of dust in the facilities, and better health of the employees who work there.

Building Lifespans

Maintaining the right humidity is important for more than just what is stored inside the building. Modern construction uses significant amounts of lumber. As humidity levels change, they affect the lifespan of the building. High humidity levels can cause the wood to rot away, weakening the building and creating safety hazards. Low humidity can lead to wood shrinking and splitting. Wildly varying levels will cause the wood to shrink and expand as it alternately losses and gains moisture. This change in size will lead to cracks forming in the walls and ceilings, elements in the building shifting, and damage to exposed wooden surfaces. It is important that you have the right level of humidity to prevent this from occurring.

DryFog Air Humidifiers

DryFog air humidifier has several major advantages over other systems. Carefully engineered to the highest in quality and standards, these systems will serve you faithfully for many years. Built around Fractal Frequency Technology, DryFog systems are able to provide humidity while requiring exceptionally low maintenance.

The engineers at DryFog have developed and implemented an innovative fiber optic system. It able to track humidity levels in the environment. Because of this system, DryFog air humidifiers can precisely track humidity levels. It can also use this information to add only the right amount of moisture to the air. With a DryFog system, all you need is to set the relative humidity level that you want. Our air humidifier will do the rest for you.

Another benefit of using Fractal Frequency Technology is, the air humidifiers create water droplets as small as 4.2 microns. By creating such small drops of water, our systems are able to significantly reduce problems caused by condensation. Due to the low mass and high surface tension of the water the droplets remain in the air. It simply bouncing off surfaces rather than collecting on them. DryFog’s air humidifier systems are able to maintain relative humidity levels 95% or higher without condensation, or surface wetting.

The Ideal Solution

Smart Fog humidifiers are able to maintain precise moisture levels with little maintenance or supervision. It has high relative humidity without condensation. DryFog air humidifiers are the ideal solution to many different situations and problems. For more information or to order an air humidifier, contact us now. You need humidity and DryFog has your Solution.