Advanced Humidification Systems

Warehouses, food storage facilities and other industrial environments require advanced climate control. Favorable conditions for certain processes are made easier to achieve through technologically innovative equipment. State-of-the-art humidification systems are used to elevate relative humidity levels, so that viruses and bacteria are not able to move freely. A system which produces an extremely fine spray of droplets is capable of elevating humidity to a high degree, without compromising the surrounds through surface wetting. Newer technology is less heavy on water and electricity, providing savings on operational costs.

Humidification Systems and their Applications

Applications for humidification systems include printing, where increased humidity prevents the build-up of dust which could otherwise clog sensitive printer equipment. Many agricultural processes require humidifiers, from greenhouse operation to food ripening. Machines which only turn on to maintain pre-selected levels of humidity are far more energy-efficient. In applications such as wine-making, where constant humidification is needed, this is especially convenient. Find a system which has ‘plug and play’ functionality at

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