Addressing Common Complaint

When people talk about problems with their workspaces or their office environment, they often complain about management or coworkers. They might mention that their cubicle or office space is too small or too loud. Maybe they talk about how frustrating it is to navigate their office, or how the overall layout makes no sense. These are all fairly common complaints. Another complaint is one that is often mentioned, but not always addressed. The air quality of an office or factory can have a large effect on the quality of the work produced by employees.

Appropriate humidification and dust suppression can directly affect the health and output of employees. Air quality is something of which many workers are aware, but unless it is noticeably poor, they may not push for its improvement. However, it is vital for the air that employees breathe, to be clean, particle-free, and of an appropriate temperature. The installation of commercial and industrial humidifiers in a workplace can improve worker health, output, and attitude.

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