A Workspace Should Be a Safe Space

For the majority of people, static is simply a nuisance. It is that strange phenomena that causes socks to stick to our dresses or creates a small shock when we touch someone else’s hands after running across a rug. It is strange, a little bit mysterious, but for the most part, largely forgettable. For some people, however, static can be a major problem. In factories where technological components are being manufactured, static buildup can result in damaged products and machinery, and prove quite dangerous for staff as well.

A non-wetting humidification system can greatly aid in industrial static control. By creating a moisture-rich environment, without saturating the air, a commercial humidification system can virtually eliminate the chance of static buildup or shock. A humidification system also has the added benefit of regulating temperatures and air quality. With a humidification system, a workspace or factory can be a safer, more comfortable, and all around healthier place, for every employee.

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