A Greenhouse Humidifier: Benefits of Using Smart Fog in the Food Industry

Smart Fog makes commercial humidifiers that are perfect for the food industry. These humidifiers produce micron droplets that sanitize a space without leaving behind moisture on surfaces. From the greenhouse humidifier to the grocery store case humidifier, Smart Fog can keep produce clean and safe. Read on for some benefits of using Smart Fog in the food industry.

Keeps Produce Clean and Safe

Smart Fog humidifiers keep produce clean and safe throughout the food supply chain. This starts in the greenhouse during the growth stage with the greenhouse humidifier. Smart Fog has a conveyor system that provides a non-wetting fogging chamber built over an existing conveyor system. The humidifier serves as a disinfectant as it eliminates viruses, bacteria, and mold. Smart Fog also makes humidifiers for pre-cooling and cold storage systems. The humidifiers can penetrate packed boxes. This allows the produce to receive benefits even if it is stored in a box. Smart Fog can also help keep produce clean and safe during transport on boats, planes, or trucks. Once the produce finally reaches the retail display case, Smart Fog enhances the quality and extends the shelf life of the products.

A Greenhouse Humidifier Monitors Humidity

A greenhouse is the growing spot for many fruits and vegetables. In this environment, a greenhouse humidifier will automatically monitor the humidity levels making sure they are exactly where they need to be. The Smart Fog MS100 system works in large greenhouses with a lot of square footage. This system eliminates high mineral content in the water supply. The humidifier can also reduce the temperature by 20 degrees.

Improved Quality of Fruit in Ripening Room

A Smart Fog humidifier is a great thing to have in a ripening room. The humidifier will slow down the ripening process which leads to a longer shelf life, less brown spots, and an overall higher quality of fruit. Just like a greenhouse humidifier controls humidity levels, the system in the ripening room will do the same thing.

At Smart Fog, our humidifiers work to keep produce safe from the initial growth stage in the green house to when they are sitting in a grocery store case. We offer a variety of systems including a greenhouse humidifier, a conveyor humidifier, humidifiers for ripening rooms, and humidifiers for cold storage and transport. In addition, we continue to keep produce fresh and ripe while it sits in the grocery store. Not only is produce kept fresh, but the humidifier also eliminates toxins like mold, viruses, and bacteria, to help protect the produce  from food-borne illness. For more information about the products we offer, contact Smart Fog today.

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