4 Ways Industrial Humidifiers Work in Print Shops

Print shop operations can be delicate. Although industrial machinery is built to withstand heavy use, it is often temperamental. Maintaining the facility so that you achieve maximum production with the highest level of efficiency requires constant vigilance. Because profit margins are often slim, even very small problems can have a big impact on your bottom line.

Industrial humidifiers offer solutions for print shop operations. Most of your equipment probably features small AC units to help regulate the temperature of the machine and cool vital parts during the process. However, those kinds of controls only work for so long. If you have a large run, you have to schedule it in batches or face the possibility of a breakdown.

Implementing climate controls using humidification systems increases your production capacity. With the right system, you can use an industrial humidifier to eliminate vexing delays and extend the lifespan of your machinery. However, they also work to provide the specific requirements print shops need to operate profitably.

Advanced Climate Controls—Save Money

Keeping your equipment in top form means that you can’t allow it to overheat. Essentially, your HVAC unit(s) will be drawing lots of electricity to maintain temperatures. Many print shop operation expenses include hefty utility bills. Overworking your cooling unit shortens its capability and life cycle. Overheating your machinery can lead to malfunctions.

When installed in your facility, industrial humidifiers work to adjust and maintain indoor temperatures. By providing assistance to your traditional HVAC system, controlled amounts of moisture in the air make it easier to cool your production space. This delivers reduced energy costs and extends the life of your equipment. You’ll also pay less in maintenance costs and often be able to increase production amounts.

Improved Working Conditions—Better Health

Another benefit of industrial humidifiers relates to the way they monitor and improve the air quality. Most industrial print equipment requires significant ventilation. Because the machinery releases airborne contaminants like chemicals, you need a source of fresh air to prevent serious health risks to your workers.

Unfortunately, not many operations are able to introduce fresh air without installing major ventilation systems. Humidifiers solve the problem by scrubbing the air clean of chemical contaminants. De-correlation technology delivers improved air quality, and cleaner air not only makes working safer for employees, it also enhances machine performance. A clean intake makes for cooler operation.

Decreased Shrinkage—Reduce Waste

Another problem that plagues almost every industry is shrinkage. Materials and finished products lose their quality and usability after sitting in storage. Industrial humidifiers help limit your company’s shrinkage costs by establishing an environment that maximizes product lifespan.

Without high-level shrinkage costs, you’ll gain increased profits. Sensor-controlled systems allow you to choose the optimal humidity level for print shop production.

Waste in the form of paid sick leave and frequent absences place a strain on profitability too. Industrial humidifiers work to keep your employees healthy by removing viruses and bacteria from the air. Employees also experience fewer sinus problems and less skin irritation, which improves their morale and increases productivity.

Eliminated Product Contamination  

Depending on the type of print shop you operate, airborne contaminants have the power to ruin a production run. Sometimes, very small issues are compounded by lengthy delays between maintenance. Product contamination during the production process translates into more wastes.

Industrial humidifiers work to not only sanitize the air in your facility but also attract and remove dust particles. Over time, dust can build up on the working parts of your equipment. And although you probably have detailed maintenance schedules in place, it can be easy to forget to arrange for proper cleaning.

Operating a print shop presents a unique set of challenge—industrial humidifiers work to eliminate them. To increase the lifespan of your equipment and promote a healthy working environment, humidification systems provide a worry-free solution.

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