3 Business Uses of the ES100 Mobile Commercial Humidifier

Many commercial businesses have a building to maintain and work from, yet some also have the need to go mobile for different business reasons. Moving away from the climate-controlled environment of a commercial building and into a non-climate controlled mobile environment, could have damaging effects on a business’s equipment and their employees’ health and comfort. Let’s discuss how to avoid this by looking at 3 uses of the ES100 Mobile Commercial Humidifier.


    • Mobile Offices
    • Smaller Retail and Commercial Spaces
    • Van and Trucking Transport and Storage


ES100 Mobile Commercial Humidifier

The ES100 Mobile Humidifier, from Smart Fog, is designed with commercial-quality uses in mind; businesses that have a need to go mobile can ensure proper humidity levels wherever they go. The ES100 is a complete humidification and disinfection system for on-the-go applications, and is specifically designed for simple installation and low maintenance.

The ES100 is superior to other mobile humidification systems with: guaranteed no wet-spots (4.2 microns), maintenance free non-clogging system, even distribution throughout the room, and reliable industrial PLC controls. This system effectively eliminates mold, bacteria, and dust; and it requires no pumps, fans, or drains.


Mobile Offices

Some commercial businesses have a need for mobile or temporary offices. Maybe there’s a construction project, an acquisition, on-site consultation, convention travel, or some other mobile office need – whatever the need, the ES100 Mobile Humidifier can easily be brought along, to ensure proper humidity levels for equipment and personal.

The ES100 comes with wheels on a dolly-like structure, which businesses can customize and build to fit their unique business needs. Commercial businesses with electronic equipment, or other equipment sensitive to moisture, will benefit from always having perfect climate control and humidity levels – when traveling in their mobile office.


Smaller Retail or Commercial Spaces

The ES100 is perfect for smaller areas (one large room), which works perfect for smaller retail and commercial spaces; this could be a small stand-alone building or an enclosed space within a larger building.

The ES100 is designed and manufactured with commercial-quality in mind, which means the ES100 out performs (by far) any smaller non-commercial humidifiers.

Smaller retail or commercial businesses have a good option with the ES100, because regular commercial humidifiers are overkill for their needs. This means they can save money, yet still get a top-of-the-line, commercial-grade, mobile humidifier to control the humidity in their spaces.


Van and Trucking Transport and Storage

The ES100 is perfect for transport van and trucking applications. Specifically, the ES100 is helpful for: sea food transport, produce cold storage, meat storage, sea food disinfection, electronics transport, and more. The mobility of the ES100 makes transporting it easy, even with a full load of goods.

The ES100 Mobile Humidifier is great for controlling the environment for goods that are being stored and transported. Its convenient size makes moving it to needed locations quick and easy, ensuring precious goods are protected from any extremes in humidity.

The ES100 is durable and powerful enough to be used for transporting applications, providing commercial transport businesses a useful option for protecting and preserving their goods.



Not all humidifiers are made equally, and when it comes to commercial humidifiers: Smart Fog is the best. Smart Fog has been perfecting our products and service for over 30 years, giving commercial businesses quality products with: 4.2 microns droplets, energy-efficient natural process, jumbo non-clogging orifice, double cooling effect, low pressure safe operation, intelligent precise humidity control, plug & play installation, no moving parts, and a robust extended warranty.

The ES100 Mobile Humidifier is one of these products, which brings flexible climate control solutions for on-the-go businesses. The 3 business uses we’ve highlighted give some insights into how the ES100 can be used in real-life applications, yet the uses aren’t limited to these. If interested in learning more about the ES100, please contact us today.

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