3 Business Applications for the ES100 Mobile Humidifier

Controlling temperature and humidity levels is something all businesses are interested in accomplishing to some degree, as this protects goods, equipment, human resources, and improves customer satisfaction. Not all businesses are the same, so it makes sense that humidity solutions aren’t either. In regards to controlling humidity levels, here are 3 business applications for the ES100 mobile humidifier.

    • Trucking Transport
    • Small Retail Store
    • Class Room

The ES100 Mobile Humidifier

This is a commercial quality humidification system that’s portable and suitable for smaller spaces. For some businesses a wall mounted or in-duct humidification system is overkill, yet they have a definite need to control humidity levels in their workspaces. Moreover, the ES100 mobile humidifier is the perfect solution for these smaller spaces that need precise humidity control.

Problems with Excessive Humidity

Damages to goods and health risks to people can occur when relative humidity (RH) levels are too high or too low. OSHA recommends RH levels to be 20% to 60% in commercial environments, yet each industry has different needs according to the products and equipment they’re working with.

When RH gets too low, static electricity can build up and damage equipment and production, and when RH gets too high, it can cause paper warping, mold, and clumping. Controlling temperatures and humidity levels both have to be accomplished in commercial environments to ensure safety and quality production.

#1. Trucking Transport:

Trucking companies and independent truckers should consider getting a mobile humidifier to protect their loads for the short time they’re moving them. Semi-truck and box truck transport businesses are traveling through all kinds of weather environments, which means the goods inside are experiencing and enduring various RH levels.

Some soft goods are more sensitive than others to humidity levels, yet being able to advertise: precise humidity controlled transport, would both enhance overall marketing efforts and protect sensitive goods. ES100 mobile humidifier help to protect and sanitize goods such as fruit, seafood, music instruments, meat, paper products, electronic equipment, and others.

#2. Small Retail Store:

Some retail store locations are set apart from larger buildings with central air systems or the building connected isn’t using an effective humidification system to control RH levels. Also, small retail stores can take control of their environments themselves by getting an ES100 mobile humidifier.

The ES100 is a stand alone, plug and play system, which causes no wetting and requires very little maintenance. Retail shop owners can easily manage the ES100 and move it around to a convenient location within the retail store. Furthermore, the ES100 also work to sanitize the air through oxidation, which is a de-correlation process of Smart Fog® Technology.

Having the ES100 in smaller retail stores will protect and preserve the goods within, and create a comfortable and safe environment for workers and customers. The ES100 is low pressure and energy-efficient as well, so it’s safe and affordable to operate.

#3. Class Rooms:

Large school buildings have central air systems where HVAC and humidifier units can work through. But there are times when businesses and organizations have separate classroom facilities. These annexed rooms or rooms within a warehouse or shop would be perfect locations for the ES100 mobile humidifier.

Classrooms need to be comfortable and safe (health-wise) for the students and people in them. When large amounts of people gather in classrooms, there are more chances of spreading sickness through air-borne pathogens. The ES100 would eliminate air-borne pathogens and protect the building and equipment inside from the damages that excessive humidity causes.


Certain businesses and organizations will find the ES100 mobile humidifier to be the only viable solution for their needs. Compared to other humidification systems, ES100 has so many features. It includes – plug and play, portability, energy-efficient, low pressure, no wetting, sanitizing, low maintenance, and precise humidity control. For this reason, Smart Fog® De-Correlation technology is the key to what makes these attributes possible.

These 3 business applications for the ES100 show the usefulness of this portable humidification system. Businesses and organizations have a viable method to precisely control the humidity levels in their environments. No matter if it’s a smaller detached space. If interested in learning more, please contact us today.

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