Humidity Defined Winery Humidificationation Benefits

Humidity is an important factor in many industries and can be the difference between success and failure. It is so important that over 60 industries use Smart Fog for their humidification purposes. If you ask them all, “What is humidity,” there would be many different answers, but each industry knows that without it, the challenges they face would be much more difficult.

What is humidity to a winery?

When you ask a wine producer, “What is humidity?” the first answer that you would get would probably be that it is the difference between up to 14 percent of a barrel of wine evaporating over two years or very little evaporation. It is also the difference between the need for paying employees to top off barrels. It eliminates mold, dust, and bacteria on barrels and can also affect the alcohol content of the wine. Humidity is extremely important to wine cellars because it also produces the coolness that is required in a wine cellar.

What is humidity to commercial and industrial facilities?

Commercial and industrial facilities require humidity for many reasons, including dust suppression, paper production, HVAC systems, clean rooms, explosive storage, textile industries, and more. The humidity produced by our Smart Fog Systems provides the right environment for unlimited numbers of businesses.