Humidity Control Easy Smart Fog Systems

Humidity control has been a problem for industries for many years, but those that use Smart Fog humidification systems do not have the waste, spoilage, and lost revenue from products that have been damaged by wetting. That’s because Smart Fog systems are guaranteed to have no wetting at all. Our advanced technology enables our systems to use the smallest droplet size in the industry that stays in the air without wetting.

Humidity control is extremely important for greenhouses

Nurseries and greenhouses would have a difficult time keeping plants alive and healthy without proper humidity control. The temperature and humidity levels in a greenhouse must be kept constant since most plants cannot withstand the fluctuation of extreme changes. Greenhouses often use our Smart Fog fogger or misting or cooling system for optimal plant growth. Excessive humidity is the breeding ground for mold and mildew, so we designed our fogger systems to produce the perfect humidity levels without excess.

We can customize a humidity control system for your needs

Although we manufacture a variety of humidification products, occasionally one of our customers needs a special system different from our standard humidifiers. We have custom designed a system for a printing house and others, and we can do the same for you.

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