Greenhouse Humidifier

Advantages of Smart Fog System in a Nursery or Greenhouse Humidifier

Plants stored in greenhouses need special care. They are grown in a climate controlled space because they cannot tolerate environmental extremes. Keeping the interior of the greenhouse at a constant temperature and humidity level is crucial to the survival of the plants.  We can work with any nursery or greenhouse humidifier system. A Smart Fog fogger, misting, or cooling system helps to maintain the strict range of conditions for optimal plant growth.

The Smart Fog fogger helps to elevate humidity levels which is especially beneficial to tropical plants. Too much moisture in the air results in pools of standing water. This will drown certain species of plants and encourage mold and mildew growths. Our nursery or greenhouse humidifier, the Smart Fog fogger system, provides the perfect amount of humidity without excess.

Other systems for greenhouses from Smart Fog are the misting and cooling systems. Misting systems provide water for the plants which is best absorbed from the air through the leaves. Like the Smart Fog fogger, the misting system does not leave puddles of standing water due to its water misting process. In addition to the humidity levels in a greenhouse, the temperature is also important. There are some climates and plant species which require cooler temperatures than the average greenhouse in that area can provide. A Smart Fog cooling system will help to keep the temperature down in a range where the plants in the greenhouse will thrive.

Smart Fog provides the surest and simplest method of maintaining the perfect growing environment for plants kept in a nursery or greenhouse.

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