Benefits of a SmartFog Commercial Humidifier at Your Winery

A long time ago, wineries had cellars where they kept their barrels to age. This is not the case today.  Many aging rooms are located above ground. Locating the barrels in a wine cellar gave the wine the natural humidity it needed to age properly. Now that many aging rooms are above ground, winery owners need to install humidifiers to replicate that natural underground humidity. SmartFog makes commercial humidifiers that provide wineries with the humidity they need in their aging rooms. Here are three benefits of installing a SmartFog commercial humidifier at your winery.


Gives the Barrel Room Proper Humidity


If you have ever been in the basement of a home, then you know that basements are naturally more humid than the rest of the house. The same goes at a winery. The underground caves of the past typically provided the proper humidity needed for wine to go through the aging process. Even though many barrel rooms are now located above ground, the underground humidity can be replicated with a SmartFog commercial humidifier.


A Commercial Humidifier Requires Less Topping


Another benefit of investing in a humidifier for the barrel room is that it will require winemakers to do less topping. If the aging room is not humid enough, the wine will evaporate out of the barrels and need to be topped off. Winemakers will save time and money when investing in a humidifier, as they will not have to top off the barrels as frequently.


Elimination of Mold, Bacteria, and Dust


Another important reason for winery owners to invest in a commercial humidifier is that it helps eliminate mold, bacteria, and dust from the aging room. As a winemaker, you do not want these harmful things getting on the wine barrels. These particles can ultimately disturb the alcohol percentage of the wine. Eliminating these toxins also makes the aging room a safer place for winery employees to work. Overall, the humidifier will make the room a lot cleaner. Therefore, less dust will accumulate on the barrels.


SmartFog technology adds humidity to a room with small droplets of water. You will never see the water from the humidifier on any surface in the room. A commercial humidifier from SmartFog is very beneficial to winery aging rooms. It gives the room proper humidity to replicate an underground setting, requires winemakers to top off less frequently, and eliminates mold, bacteria, and dust. If you own a winery and need a good humidification system, contact SmartFog today.

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