Work Conditions and Company Reputations

The recent explosive report about Apple’s iPad factory work conditions (a report that was later found to be false), highlighted some of the problems that can occur within facilities that produce electronics. Static buildup and poor air quality due to the presence of dust and other more toxic particles can make working in such factories unpleasant and occasionally downright dangerous. Whenever possible issues such as those within a production facility should be dealt with immediately and aggressively as it affects to health of the workers exposed to those conditions. It should also be noted that healthy workers equal a higher level of output and a greater profit. In short, healthy air quality within a production facility is a win win for the Corporation and the workers.

With that said,  Industrial static control can be achieved by using non-wetting commercial and industrial humidifiers.  A non-wetting humidification system can also aid in dust suppression. By regulating factory temperatures, pumping just the right amount of moisture into the air, and suppressing particulate matter, commercial humidifiers can vastly improve the quality of life within a factory. It ensure that your company will not find themselves the subject of a tell-all exposé.

Smart Fog has all the systems needed to provide healthy air for commercial and industrial facilities.

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