Winery Humidification System

Years ago, wine was stored underground in naturally humid cellars as it aged. This is no longer the case since above ground aging rooms require wine cellar equipment to provide humidity.

Smart fog wine cellar equipment is reliable

The most useful wine cellar equipment today is a winery humidification system by Smart Fog. The proper high humidity level reduces evaporation and the need for topping. You will find that you will quickly recoup your expense of purchasing a Smart Fog system for your winery when less topping is required.

Humidification wine cellar equipment helps in other ways

Although it’s true that Smart Fog will humidify your wine barrels so that you will not lose as much wine to evaporation, it is helpful in other ways as well. It will eliminate mold, bacteria, and dust from your winery aging room and barrels and provide the best alcohol percentage for your wine.

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