Wine Storage Control with Humidity

The proper wine storage humidity is important for eliminating mold on wine barrels and in caves and warehouses. Smart Fog’s non-wetting humidity is the answer for winery humidification.

Benefits of wine storage humidity control with smart fog

Wineries can easily control the humidity of their facilities with wine storage humidity systems by Smart Fog. Our system provides humidity without wetness that is beneficial in several ways. When wine barrels are properly humidified without wetness, there are no bacteria, no disease, and no dust. Evaporation from the barrels is reduced by more than 18% when they are humidified properly, which leads to less wasted product and more profits. The alcohol content of the wine is also affected by evaporation, so preventing it keeps the alcohol level stable.

Wine storage humidity should be high

With Smart Fog, wineries are able to keep their humidity high where wine barrels are stored. This results in less lost wine and reduced labor costs. Most Smart Fog customers prefer a humidity level between 75% and 95%.

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