Why Need to Use Humidifiers for Industrial Installation

Many people are surprised at how important humidity is in industrial areas. They may even have the impression that it is something to be avoided. After all, doesn’t humidity cause mold? The truth is that an area should have some humidity, but not too much. This is why warehouses and factories need to get a good humidifier for industrial installation.

What Makes Humidity Good for Warehouses?

Warehouses can be used to store inventory for months or even longer. They also store the boxes used for product packaging and cardboard cartons for shipping. If the area doesn’t have enough humidity, these things will become brittle. Then, the boxes can split under normal usage conditions. The inventory itself can also crack from the lack of moisture.

Dust is another big problem in warehouses. However, proper humidification keeps it at bay. The tiniest dust particles are removed from the air. It improves employee health and slows down the shop-wearing of stored inventory.

Humidifiers are needed to ensure that the air has the moisture needed to prevent problems. Since industrial models are controllable, you won’t have to worry about ending up with too much moisture instead.

Why Humidity is Good in Factories

Static electricity can be a part forlow humidity. This is a big problem in factories because it can cause shorts in equipment. If the products the factory makes involve electronics, the stock can also be destroyed by static. Running a humidifier ensures that the air has the right moisture content.

Proper Humidity Reduces Sick Days

Low humidity causes irritation to the human respiratory system. This can increase the number of respiratory diseases and force employees to call in sick. It also lowers productivity for the sick but comes anyway. Therefore, it pays to keep the humidity at healthy levels. Employees will be more productive and less likely to spread germs.

Humidifiers Help Keep Areas Cool

In the summer, air conditioning bills cause a large drain on company finances. When the humidity is at the proper level, it’s easier to cool the air and bills go down. An industrial humidifier can even cool certain areas – such as greenhouses – enough to eliminate the need for air conditioning.

Good Humidity is Good for the Environment

Lower cooling bills aren’t only good for the accounting department. They represent lower energy usage, which is good for the environment.

Our humidifiers go beyond that basic benefit. They use technology that is far more efficient than that used by competitors. In fact, a Smart Fog system uses 50-90% less energy than some other humidifiers!

Why Choose a Special Humidifier for Industrial Installation?

Industrial humidifiers have many advantages over repurposed residential ones. For example, you’re able to control the amount of humidity produced. It ensures that you don’t end up with enough moisture to cause mold. It also helps prevent corrosion.

Industrial-grade machines from Smart Fog also have large, clog-resistant nozzles. They’re made of stainless steel, so they resist soiling and are easy to clean.

Smart Fog humidifiers won’t leave you feeling like you’re breathing clouds of water. They produce droplets small enough to evaporate quickly. It also ensures that moisture doesn’t settle on your inventory, parts, and equipment.

The small droplet size produced by our system brings many other benefits as well. After adhering to the droplets, it kills germs and mold. Moreover, it eliminate the fine dust as well. Machines that produce larger droplets won’t have the same effects.

Our humidifiers are also very low maintenance. You only have to maintain them once every two years! This high uptime keeps your installation at full productivity as much as possible.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about Smart Fog humidifiers and the benefits of industrial humidification in general, just contact us. We’ll be glad to explain everything and help you choose the perfect solution for your location.

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