Why Businesses Need Commercial Humidification Systems to Sanitize the Air

The dangers of airborne pathogens in commercial environments are often downplayed, mostly because they’re invisible. While some businesses, such as clean rooms and hospitals, understand the need for sterile environments, others may not understand the significance of sanitizing the air in their commercial environments. In this article, we’ll explore the dangers of airborne pathogens and explain why businesses need commercial humidification systems to sanitize the air.

Airborne Pathogens

Most people would be surprised to learn how many invisible particles are floating around in the air, at any given time and in any given environment. Airborne pathogens can also be called: airborne microbes, contaminants, or bioaerosols; and these can contain dangerous (or irritating) particles, such as: bacteria, fungi, viruses, and dust. The particles in the air are not only damaging to equipment and processes (static, etc.), they’re also hazardous to the health of employees and customers.

We learn more about the amount of particles in the air from an article found at online publication Scientific American, called: “Microbe Census Reveals Air Crawling with Bacteria”, written by David Biello. The article states:

“In the air samples, the researchers uncovered at least 1,800 different types of microbes, including those such as diarrhea-causing Arcobacter and ulcer-inducing Heliobacter genera that can be dangerous to human health.”

This study was done in two Texas’ cities in 2003, testing the air from outside and not inside. The amount of dangerous air-borne pathogens is even worse indoors, such as in commercial indoor environments. Evidence of this is backed up by another case study, summed up in an online article found at On the Cutting Edge, called “Airborne Microbes”, written by Monica Gray. The article states:

“Chances are that you most likely got sick from an airborne pathogen. In other words, the germ or irritant floated from one person to another. This happens a lot in the winter, for instance, because the air is dry, making our sinuses more prone to infection. Also, people tend to stay inside more during the winter season, forcing us to breath in stuffy rooms shared by many other people.”

The article goes on to list the many different sicknesses that can happen from these invisible airborne microbes. Most of us understand how easy it is to catch a cold or “bug” when we’re around sick people, yet are completely unaware of how many particles there really are in the air, or how dangerous they can be. So, what’s the solution for commercial businesses?


Sanitizing the Air with Commercial Humidification Systems

Commercial businesses of all types would benefit from having sanitized air for their employees, customers, and/or equipment. This will ensure optimal health, longer-lasting equipment, and a more comfortable environment. The good news for businesses is: innovation in humidification technology has made it possible to sanitize commercial environments efficiently and without hassle.

Specifically, Smart Fog® Technology used in Smart Fog’s commercial humidification systems makes it possible to eliminate airborne pathogens through oxidization. This is the result of the mechanical, non-chemical de-correlation process, which produces 4.2 micron droplets (smallest ever). These tiny droplets attract the airborne microbes in the air and oxidizes them, thus, eliminating any dangerous particles in the air.

See, droplets have to be smaller than 5 microns to attract the airborne pathogens, otherwise they retract the particles. Smart Fog® Technology’s 4.2 microns also provides commercial businesses with other benefits such as: low pressure system (100 psi compressed air), non-heating mechanism, 100% evaporation before reaching any surface, uses 50-90% less energy than other technologies, and requires virtually no maintenance (filter change once every 2 years).


With all the dangerous particles in the air at any given time and in any given environment, commercial businesses would benefit from sanitizing the air in their environments as much as possible. Commercial humidification systems from Smart Fog are the best choice, because of the innovative technology used, which eliminates airborne pathogens through oxidization.

Commercial businesses of all types will benefit from having a safer, more clean environment for their customers and employees; excessive moisture levels are a danger to equipment and peoples’ health, and, at the very least, create an uncomfortable environment to work in and visit. Please contact us today to learn more about our 4 different commercial humidification systems available.

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