Smart Fog Humidification System Many Benefits

Our Smart Fog humidification system uses dry fog technology that provides non-wetting humidity control. We have the smallest water droplets of any humidifiers in the industry at only 4.2 microns in size.

Our humidification system is low maintenance

Our Smart Fog humidification system requires maintenance only once every two years, so your company will be able to plug in your humidifier and it will normally provide service without any problems. You can have precise humidity control for your business from 1% to 99% without any wet spots, and we guarantee that. Our systems are also sold with a one year warranty with an extended warranty available.

We sell a humidification system that is just right for your industry

We have humidifiers for all kinds of industrial needs such as cold storage and ripening rooms, food safety sanitation, greenhouses, printing houses, clean rooms and laboratories, dust suppression, and more.


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