Smart Fog De-Correlation Technology

Smart Fog® technology is based on a natural decorrelation process (see diagram below). These effects are caused by the negative charge of the Oxygen molecule and the positive charge of the Hydrogen molecule attracting.

Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology reverses the correlation effect though a non-chemical mechanical process. The technology reverses the cohesion and maximizes adhesion.


Smart Fog® Technology



      refers to the cohesion and adhesion properties in water.


  • Cohesion: Water is attracted to other water.
  • Adhesion: Water attracted to other materials.


Conventional Technology

As opposed to forcing the droplets though a tiny hole, using waves to bounce droplets, or expanding water though heating or apply force to cut the droplets, Smart Fog® provides a humidification system which generates 4.2 micron droplets with equal spacing which do not attract to each other but oxidize into the air.

Conventional Technology




4.2 micron droplets
All water droplets are consistent with maximum of 4.2 microns in diameter.


Droplet spacing (Smart Fog® AirNET Technology)
Droplets are spaced equally, will not collide or be attracted by cohesion to become larger droplets (Refer to Technology Comparison)


100% Dust Suppression
Adhesion is maximized and dust, virus, bacteria air born partials are absorbed into the droplet.


Natural air born pathogen elimination
The Oxygen molecule added during the de-correlation process oxidizes all viruses, bacteria and other air borne disease pathogens in the air.


Energy and Water Conservation
Smart Fog® utilizes 50-70% less energy to generate an identical level of relative humidity in comparison to other technologies.


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