Printing Humidification System

Smart Fog Humidifiers Increase Profits in Commercial Printing

Commercial printing today has many variables that affect outcome, and one of the most important is humidification. A printing humidification system is critical in producing consistent printing and a hospitable work environment for employees. In fact, it can all but eliminate several common problems that occur in the printing process thus increasing production, quality and overall profits. Smart Fog humidifiers have a reputation for being an industry leader in printing humidification and provide many advantages over the competition.

Without employees, commercial printing facilities would cease to exist. For this reason, it is important to maintain a properly humidified work environment which can help avoid common problems associated with dry air, such as bronchitis and other respiratory problems. On the other hand, air that is too moist can produce an environment that is optimal for the development of mold and bacteria. A properly humidified environment will actually remove dust and allergens from the air to help keep employees free from illness. Additionally, Smart Fog humidifiers help to maintain an ideal work environment for factory employees by maintaining comfortable temperatures to allow employees to work more efficiently. Controlling air temperature through humidity also helps to save on heating and cooling costs.

Dust suppression is a very important factor in printing humidification system, with established guidelines mandated by OSHA and the EPA to protect employees and the environment. Because breathing masks have been proven not to sufficiently prohibit the intake of dust particles, other methods must be employed. Smart Fog humidifiers create dry fog which traps dust particles, thus preventing them from escaping into the air.

Finally, printing humidification helps to maintain and preserve factory equipment, thus saving money in the long term. Natural materials such as wood are affected by changes in humidity. Wood expands and contracts, leading to cracking and warping if the humidity and temperature within the facility fluctuates frequently. Maintaining a properly humidified environment allows materials and equipment to maintain a longer lifespan, thus saving money.

The overall benefits of a Smart Fog humidifier in a commercial printing operation are numerous. By maintaining a properly humidified printing facility, profits are maximized. Product quality is increased with constant manufacturing conditions. Employees remain happy and healthy, reducing downtime and increasing production.