Non-Wetting Room Humidifiers

Industries often require room humidifiers to keep a certain part of their facility at a particular humidity level. We are the top provider of non-wetting humidifiers of all types of uses in cold storage and ripening rooms, for winery humidification, commercial HVAC, food safety sanitation, greenhouse and nursery, and more.

Different types of room humidifiers for industries

Besides selling our standard non-wetting Smart Fog humidifiers, we can also custom design room humidifiers for businesses. Our experts have designed custom humidifiers that fit the needs of our customers, like the humidifier system that we designed for a printing house. If you need help with a certain type of Smart Fog humidifier, just call us at (800) 921-5230 or email us at and we will be happy to supply you with the information that you need. We also offer free quotes that can help you with your decision on a humidity system.

Our room humidifiers offer fast return on investment

Many of our customers have found that they quickly recouped the money that they spent on their Smart Fog system. Having the right humidity level is an imperative part of successful business to many industries. When a commercial humidifier or industrial humidifier is needed, we have solutions that will provide the best humidity level. Our Smart Fog humidifiers allow you to precisely control them to have from 1% to 99% humidity without wetting in any condition. Our installation is easy and fast, and we have award winning support and customer service. Our humidifiers have the smallest droplet size of only 4.2 microns that is available in the market. The droplets remain in the air because of their small size and will not leave wet spots. In addition, our products use the lowest energy and water consumption in the market.

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