Keep the Lightning Outside

When you are safe and cozy inside, watching lightning outside can be fascinating. Lightning when you are caught outside in the storm can be far less interesting, and considerably more disturbing. For people working in factories where static electricity can build up and release a dangerous amount of energy, going to work every day can feel like walking around outside during a lightning storm. Non-wetting humidification systems can greatly aid in mitigating this issue, by providing a high level of industrial static control without adding water to the air.

The use of commercial humidification in factories where small parts are manufactured, especially those used in electrical appliances, can improve the air quality, regulate temperatures, and most importantly, reduce the threat of dangerous levels of static buildup on parts and around employees. Staff can breathe easier, both literally and figuratively, knowing that the commercial and industrial humidifiers working around them are aiding in dust suppression and reducing their chance of electrical shock.

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