Four Ways a Commercial Humidifier Can Save You Money

A commercial humidifier is an investment. It requires time and money to install, and those may be resources you don’t feel you can afford. In reality, a SmartFog humidification system will save you money in ways you may not have considered. Here are four different ways that choosing a humidification system can save your company money.

Fewer Employee Absences Due to Sickness

The moisture that a SmartFog commercial humidifier adds to the air will attach itself to all sorts of disease-causing particles and keep them from affecting your staff. Dust, airborne pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and spores are attracted to the droplets in the air and oxidized, making them harmless. This prevents the rapid spread of the disease which happens so frequently in the close quarters of a working environment. The humidity will also help your employees who suffer from allergies and asthma by removing the irritants from the air. Your staff will stay well, saving you valuable time and money on your payroll.

Less Equipment Maintenance

In addition to lessening the spread of disease, humidification protects your machinery and equipment from wear and tear. When the water molecules from a SmartFog commercial humidifier adhere to dust and other particles in the air, it prevents the airborne particles from settling in or on your equipment and disrupting their processes. Humidity in the air also reduces static electricity, which can damage your electrical equipment. Ultimately, a good commercial humidifier guarantees less equipment maintenance and calibration, saving you money.

Maintain Product Quality

Thanks to precise humidity control, a commercial humidifier can extend shelf-life and maintain the quality of your products, produce, and other goods. The SmartFog system also allows for the application of any water dissolved materials, such as disinfectants, without wetting any of the product it touches. This will save your company the cost of products typically lost to decay, mold, rot, or other environmental factors.

Lower Heating and Cooling Costs

Moist air feels more comfortable. Maintaining a good humidity level prevents the tug-of-war that often happens over thermostats in work environments. The SmartFog nozzle feature creates a strong vacuum, which cools the air and water that is being dispersed. Also, thanks to fast evaporation, heat leaves the air. This cuts down on cooling costs. Similarly, by using a commercial humidifier in conjunction with your heating system, the warm air does not wick moisture and make the people present feel colder. This keeps the air feeling warm instead of chilled.

While commercial humidifiers carry an up-front cost, ultimately they save money. And thanks to SmartFog technology, our humidification systems are also a great boost for your health and a tool to preserve the quality of your products. For assistance in choosing the right humidification system for you, contact SmartFog today.

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