Effects Humidity Paper Printing

Many people have seen the effects of humidity on paper because it is a natural material. If you own and operate a printing business, controlling humidity levels with Commercial & Industrial Humidifiers is part of the lifeblood of your business.

Paper should be stored where the humidity levels are kept between 50 and 60%. However, as the air temperature cools, any heat generated by machine dries out the air and it is not unusual for storage areas to reach 15-20% humidity. This can cause shrinkage, curled edges and even a mis-registration of colors. Also, as the moisture is pulled from the paper, a build up of static electricity can also occur causing the papers to cling to each other and not lie flat. This can wreak havoc with paper feeding machines. Having to spend time re-feeding the papers and removing any damaged ones can create significant production loss.

With Commercial Humidification, businesses are able to control the levels of humidity depending on the weather or any other circumstances. Having control of the humidity keeps your business on track to providing top-quality products and saving millions of dollars in re-printing fees.

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