Dry Fog

The term “dry fog” is a definition of droplet size. In other words, the droplets are under 10 microns. This means there is a high level of water vapor in the air, just as there would be with a normally-occurring fog. However, the water will not condense onto surfaces. We can adjust the dry fog to maintain a specific level of humidity. Furthermore, this will keep us from worrying about equipment and products becoming damp. Also, it will prevent water damage, the formation of mold , slippery conditions, as well as, other risks. These are usually associated with increasing moisture in the air. In addition, the water vapor reduces the amount of dust, viruses, bacteria and allergens in the air.
The dry fog water droplets produced by Smart Fog are much smaller than those in naturally-occurring fog. At only a little over 4 microns in diameter the dry fog droplets have a very high surface tension. This is a mere fraction of the 100 microns of the average human hair. When coming into contact with a surface, they bounce off, rather than breaking up into smaller droplets. Therefore, dry fog will not coat a surface, product or equipment. Acting like microscopic ping-pong balls, they rebound into the air and keep it moist while everything else stays dry.
The Smart Fog system operates using ordinary water sources and normal water pressure.  So, dry fog can be useful in any space in which water pipes or faucets are accessible. Most importantly, the key to creating a dry fog is in the maintenance-free nozzles that the system uses to produce microscopic droplets. Also, water will be filtered to protect the equipment from mineral buildup.
If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Smart Fog representative please call toll free: 1-800-921-5230.