Dry Fog Mist Cooling Humidification Systems

For almost three decades customers have relied upon dry fog humidification systems for assistance with the lowering of costs, the protection of products and the provision of precise and even humidity control for their operations. Smart Fog, the online division of Dry Fog US, has earned the reputation for excellent performance and dependability as the best dry mist humidifier by producing equipment that scales well for facilities of all sizes. Smart Fog delivers consistent results with its dry fog products and solves humidity control problems for a wide range of applications, serving as the best dry mist humidifier. The most popular uses of Smart Fog’s humidification systems include dry fog evaporative cooling, mist generators, potato storage and wine cellar cooling. Humidity chambers and humidity control systems are handled by commercial and industrial dry fog humidifiers, greenhouse foggers and greenhouse misting equipment.

Dry Fog Humidification Systems

Dry Fog Humidification

Smart Fog has supplied the dry fog equipment to commercial and industrial facilities for the purposes of cleaning rooms, turbine pre-cooling, suppression of dust and the storage of explosives. The textile, paper and ceramics industries rely on high-performance dry fog humidifiers from Smart Fog. The farming and food industries all successfully utilizing Smart Fog’s dry fog humidification systems equipment include cotton and tobacco growers, facilities using cold storage appliances, wineries, mushroom growers, food processing companies and businesses running ripening rooms. Sea transportation also uses Smart Fog’s dry fog humidifying equipment with great success and efficiency.

Smart Fog supplies Dry Fog US dry fog humidity control solutions designed to deliver consistent, precisely controlled results in all applications. Since every customer’s needs are unique Smart Fog supplies different models of dry fog humidity control equipment including the DS 100, the ES 100, the MS 100 and the RS 100. The features of the dry fog humidification control equipment varies, depending on the application, but include low pressure only 100 PSI, moisture control up to ninety-nine percent humidity without wetting, cooling effects to twenty degrees Fahrenheit and uniform droplet size as small as 4.2 microns for even distribution without wetting surfaces. The dry fog humidity control equipment assists energy and water conservation by forty to sixty percent and even application of any water dissolving chemicals without waste.The equipment is fully automated, has low maintenance and is easily installed.