Dry Fog Humidification for Greenhouses

Greenhouse production is susceptible to a variety of fungal diseases such as botrytis and downy mildew. These pathogens are present in the air, but they can only develop in the presence of freestanding water, such as, dew or other condensation on the plant leaves. With our Dry Fog Humidification for Greenhouses, Smart Fog helps prevent condensation, which is essential to preventing fungal diseases.

The DewSense Dew Detector is humidification for greenhouses. It acts as an artificial leaf that instantly detects leaf-wetness. Therefore, it immediately activates greenhouse ventilation and heating equipment to remove the condensation. The Yanshuf is the only accurate system to detect actual condensation. It replaces timer systems, overheating practices, and inaccurate relative humidity monitors. The Yanshuf saves fuel costs and fungicide treatments for greenhouse production.

The Dew Sense operates with optical fibers, which cool along with the leaves in the greenhouse. Dew condenses on the fibers exactly as dew condenses on the leaves. When condensation registers on the optical fibers, the passage of the light changes, and the DewSense generates an activation signal to the greenhouse ventilation equipment. When the ventilation drys the condensation on the optical fiber, the light level returns to its previous level, and the ventilation system shuts off.
Other systems monitor relative humidity, but that only gives a rough indication of when condensation must occur. As greenhouse and outside temperatures change, dew can and does form at lower relative humidity levels (below 85%). Only the DewSense Dew Detector senses actual condensation – whenever it occurs, and only when it occurs.

Only the DewSense activates when, and only when, actual condensation begins to form on the leaf.
Reduces loss to disease.
Saves energy costs.
Timer systems waste energy and can’t prevent condensation when temperatures change. The DewSense saves energy and prevents condensation.
The DewSense reduces or eliminates the need for fungicide treatment. Fungicide treatments are expensive, they must be limited to avoid chemical residues on the plant, and they must be changed regularly to avoid developing resistance.
No need for over-heating. Over-heating practices harm the produce and waste costly energy.

The DewSense humidification for greenhouses prevents disease and saves costs for hundreds of growers.

Propagation nurseries need high humidity for germination and cuttings production, but have to avoid too much water on the growing media. The Smart Fog ® Fogger and the HumiSense Humidistat can provide high humidity, 70-95% RH in the air, without wetness. The HydraSense Wetness Monitor gives added insurance to keed the media at optimal wetness.

The Smart Fog ® Fogger System uses supersonic compressed air to produce a true “dry fog” of water droplets less than 10 micron in diameter. The water evaporates into the air, increasing humidity without wetness. And the large 0.1″ orrifice won’t clog like pin-hole foggers.
The HumiSense Humidistat uses optical fiber sensing to control the humidity by controlling the activation time of the Smart Fog ® Fogger. It is positioned over the seedlings to sense relative humidity in the air.
The HydraSense Wetness Monitor is placed on the growing media to sense actual surface wetness.
It uses a unique one-cell capacitor sensor to register the optimal wetness set by the grower.

Humidity is increased for maximum sprouting and growth.
Growing media remains as dry or as wet as the grower requires.
Sprouts remain dry and without salt burns.
Easy annual maintenance due to the large 0.1″ fogger orrifice. It won’t clog like pinhole foggers.