Commercial Cannabis Humidifier To Improve Medical Marijuana Crop

Commercial Cannabis Humidifier to Improve Medical Marijuana Crop

With the United States now slowly snowballing the legal use of marijuana, demand for premium medical cannabis is rising. Grow facilities must consistently produce quality harvests to compete in the market. Growing marijuana properly requires the right temperature and humidity. If the humidity is too high or low, your marijuana plants simply won’t grow. The only way to control humidity in your grow room is to use a humidifier.

Smart Fog produces industrial humidifiers for cannabis grow rooms. Our machines use an innovative humidification process alongside dependable automation tools for precise humidity control.

Humidification Systems Solve Common Challenges

Achieving the appropriate humidity is crucial when growing cannabis. It’s essential to buy a humidifier that efficiently controls the humidity levels in your growing environment.

At Smart Fog, we build humidification systems that implement our proprietary Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology. Our systems use self-evaporating droplet technology to ensure better results on your marijuana plants. This non-wet mechanical process produces self-evaporating water droplets that fill the air with moisture. Use our cannabis humidifiers to ensure successful growth.

Navigating Excessive Heat

Excessive heat frequently causes problems in growth success because the plant overcompensates by intaking more water and nutrients when they are available. A cannabis plant will exhibit nutrient burn when it absorbs excess nutrients.

You’ll notice nutrient burn when the plant tips turn brown. The buds may even turn a pale color and start to droop. Marijuana plants don’t typically recover from these symptoms. A humidification system adds moisture to the air to prevent nutrient burn.

Optimizing for Different Growth Stages

During the growth stage, you’re going to need to create higher humidity for your young cannabis plants. Your plants grow faster when you can keep a relative humidity going at around 40%-70%.

It’s a little different once you get to the flowering stage. Humidity levels shouldn’t exceed 45% to prevent mold from developing or producing resin. The flowering stage is especially vulnerable to mold, and it could develop into bud rot in each bloom.

Your final growth stages are very important in continuing to lower your humidity levels, so rotting doesn’t ruin your crops. What’s important is to use an automated humidifier that can adjust humidity levels based on specific needs.

By looking for specific features in your humidifier, you’ll more easily control humidity at different points of the growth cycle. At Smart Fog, we make this particularly easy thanks to patented features you can’t find anywhere else.

Smart Fog Humidification Systems for Cannabis Growth

Smart Fog humidification systems offer high-level performance for cannabis growth rooms at any scale. We offer numerous humidification solutions that achieve the results you want to see in different ways. Choose between the ES100 direct space humidifierTS100 in-duct humidifierES100M mobile humidifier or the FT100 Fog Tunnel. Our machines offer key advantages in cannabis growth settings:

  • Small droplets: With our technology, you get 4.2-micron water droplets, which are the smallest in the industry.
  • Automation capabilities: You get precise humidity control, so you never have to worry about leaving the humidifier unattended. Through intelligent programming, you’ll gradually lower humidity levels over time as your cannabis plants grow.
  • Workplace safety:  Employ a safe low-pressure system that eliminates risk by using 100 pounds per square inch of compressed air.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements: We reduce maintenance frequency by installing stainless steel nozzles that resist clogging. Required maintenance is only every two years, giving you extended time to enjoy your humidifiers with excellent results.

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During a time when growing medical marijuana is a booming business opportunity, buying the right tools is mandatory to ensure steady profits.

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