Fog Tunnel

How to make more money by using the Smart Fog Tunnel

Your Benefits:

Non-wetting treatment

  • Disinfect water sensitive produce without effecting the appearance.
  • Disinfect packaged products *1.
  • Utilize 100% of the chemical with no waste.
  • 100% coverage from all sides of the produce.
  • No drying step needed

Help comply with the new Food Safety Regulations

  • Eliminate all the post harvest diseases
  • Eliminate all human pathogens
  • Requires low chemical concentration 
  • Complete Food Grade Stainless Steel Construction


  • Extremely Low Maintenance

     Increase produce quality

    Increase produce self life

    Awards and Recognition

    University of Ohio
    United Fresh  

    What is Smart Fog Tunnel?

    Smart Fog Tunnel is a revolutionary step in increasing quality and solving all your food safety problems in 10 seconds.

    The Smart Fog Tunnel is the last stage in the produce packaging process.


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Automated disinfection record keeping.