Cold Storage Equipment For Fresh Produce

The benefits of Cold Storage Systems

Cold storage Equipment has successfully extended the life of vegetables and fruits during the process of moving these items from the farm to the consumer. Cold storage is also used to keep vegetables, fruits and the like for use by restaurants to keep everything fresh for customers. However, several problems can develop when cold storage units do not work properly.

Proper Humidity Control for Cold Storage Equipment

The dilemma with most cold storage equipment is to provide enough humidity to keep everything as fresh as possible. However, not so much humidity (or so little), otherwise it destroys the items in the storage unit. Smart Fog developed humidity control equipment specially designed to meet the demands of cold storage. High levels of humidity can be achieved with a “dry fog” that does not cause frosting on the items in storage, even to temperatures down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the Smart Fog system, cold storage owners do not have to worry about the nozzles clogging or other problems frequently associated with foggers and humidifiers in cold storage. Sensors carefully monitor humidity levels and make changes as needed. Get more information from the helpful customer service department at Smart Fog. You need humidity.

Smart Fog has recently introduced dew point control which ensures no condensation occurs even with large temperature fluctuations. When control