Best Humidification System for Dust Suppression

Using the Best Humidification System for Dust Suppression in Your Business

As annoying as dust is in workplace environments, you’ve probably considered it a trifle in comparison to other business concerns. Unfortunately, dust ends up causing more damage to equipment and your employees than you think if you have low relative humidity. While it might seem you could hire someone to remove dust, it’s only going to keep accumulating around the overly dry air. You need the best humidification system to suppress the dust in your workplace. Above all, you need to adhere to EPA regulations for quality air to maintain the health of your workers.

If you think there are other options, there isn’t anything else with perfect results. Perhaps you’ve invested in overly expensive equipment like bag houses that usually need far too much cleaning. Then you have electrostatic precipitators, which work ok, though have disadvantages in being too complex and requiring high maintenance.

With affordable humidifiers designed specifically for suppressing dust, you can control dust once and for all. At Smart Fog, we’ve developed technologies designed to make this possible without having to pay a fortune.

What Dust Can Do To Employee Health

It’s important to know what dust does to human health if you think it’s doing no harm to your employees. Even if they can’t see dust with the naked eye, it’s likely lurking around your building to potentially breathe.

Some dust might settle in an employee’s nose and cause what’s known as rhinitis, or inflammation of the mucous membrane. Once the dust settles in the lung, it can cause illnesses like inflammation of the trachea, or bronchitis.

In the latter case, you may start having employees out for weeks or months due to bronchial illnesses. Your workers aren’t going to tolerate this for long, and you may start experiencing constant turnover in your workforce.

Plus, don’t overlook what organic dust can do, which frequently originate from plants or animals. This type of dust might have fungi and toxic substances that could potentially cause even worse illnesses. So, don’t compromise the health of your workforce and get the best humidification system today.

What Dust Can Do To Equipment

Many people mistakenly think a little dust around electronic equipment won’t cause serious harm. When it becomes excessive and isn’t cleaned up appropriately, dust can slowly kill your electronics around your office.

Many of these items include your desktop computers, TV’s, keyboards, and even small items like your computer mouse.

Consider how much it’s going to cost if these start having technical problems because you didn’t suppress the massive dust around your building. The costs compound when you start losing employees, all because you underestimated how dangerous dust is.

Using the Right Humidifying Technology to Control Dust

At Smart Fog, our humidifiers use innovative technologies you can’t find anywhere else to help suppress dust in any interior space. Our MS100 Fogger is the product you need to get rid of dust once and for all using technologies like supersonic compressed air.

Through the above process, the humidifier creates tiny water droplets at 4.2 microns. These droplets absorb dust particulates, though don’t create any wet spots when falling to the ground.

We’re proud to introduce this as our patented technology assuring you’ll meet all environmental standards without constant supervision. The fogger runs without you needing to monitor its operation throughout the day. Maintenance is low thanks to the unit never having any clogging issues. Besides, you have no moving parts needing constant repair.

Running costs are very economical because it has low water and energy consumption.

It’s the perfect device to use year-round to rid dust without being obstructive to your everyday activities.

Contact us to find out more about the MS100 Fogger and the humidifying technologies we use so dust doesn’t become a problem.

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