Automotive Industry

Temperature and humidity levels in the automotive industry are important not just for consistency in quality of the product but helps reduce employee related injury due to ESD, and inhaling airborne particles. Keeping consistent humidity levels and temperatures also aids in cost savings measures as well  by reducing product waste and time away from work.

How Our Product Helps

Our humidification and evaporative cooling solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Improve quality & uniformity
  • Increased production
  • Decreased waste
  • Reduces employee related injuries due to airborne pathogens
  • Monitor environment 24/7/365.

Smart Fog Humidifiers

Maintain a precise humidity level for every product stage, while retaining a clean environment with no wet spots. What makes Smart Fog® an ideal solution for company? It is all about our humidifiers’ key features.

  • The 4.2-micron droplets created by Smart Fog® systems evaporate completely into the air before reaching any surface. We achieved 100% evaporation rate, water efficiency and dust suppression. SMART FOG IS A FOG THAT DOES NOT MOISTEN THE EXPOSED SURFACES!
  • Smart Fog® can maintain non-fluctuating humidity 24/7. Maintaining precise humidity enhances the quality of the product and eliminates the possibility of condensation, which can cause mold and other issues.
  • Our technology uses clean fog, so you can expect no bacteria, no viruses, no cysts, or other pathogens.

Energy Efficient Natural Process

energy efficient   microns   temperature

  • Energy efficient – 50-90% less energy than other technologies.
  • Utilizes Smart Fog® Decorrelation technology – a non-chemical mechanical process that reverses cohesion and maximizes adhesion

Controls and Monitoring

Data logging   Temperature controls   system controls

  • Smart Fog designed their humidifiers with fully automated controls and data logging capabilities.
    • This is essential for maintaining different humidity levels throughout every stage.
    • With Smart Fog®, you can change and verify the humidity 24/7 with easy-to-use timeframe programs.
  • Our Humidifiers come with fully automated controls and data logging to ensure that your environment is always perfectly balanced.
  • Four Functions in One System
    1. Precise Humidity Control
    2. Fumigation/Sanitation
    3. Cooling
    4. Dust Suppression & Static Elimination

Plug & Play Installation

PlugNPlay   Warranty   img 23

  • Designed for fast and low-cost installation. There are no moving parts and our systems do not require the use of any adhesives and comes with push-in connectors which are reusable.
  • Our systems meet the highest industry standards, building codes and electrical requirements. All standard system piping is made of plastic flexible piping is extremely durable and easy to install. Smart Fog® systems can be mounted on the wall, placed adjacent to air handling units, suspended from the ceiling or inserted into ducts.
  • All Smart Fog® systems come with comprehensive one-year warranty. We also provide a comprehensive economical extended warranty plan, covering all equipment.

Humidity in the Automotive Industry

Exhaust Emission Testing

A balanced humidity levels and temperature in a testing environment is essential for returning consistent and accurate test results. Ensuring proper humidity control with evaporative cooling can provide absolute temperature and air moisture regulation. Eliminating the need for excess testing and labor due to fluctuating test results.

Smart Fog takes the guessing out and does the work for you!

Paint Booths

Automotive paints are sensitive to environmental conditions during application. Humidity control in the air house and paint booth provides high quality finishes. Proper humidity ensures a consistent adhesion when painting and spraying other forms of coatings. Even slight imperfections in a spray coat can affect appearance and even the aerodynamics. Maintaining a consistent humidity level reduces foreign particles from attaching during spray coat. This can be the difference between passing the quality test or not. Proper humidity levels for a paint booth is 72% rH.

Reduced Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Risk

Industry uses sensitive electronic and mechanical equipment. Static charges build up during these processes and can be dangerous for the individuals working with them.

Such dangers can result in:

  • Injuries
  • Fatalities
  • Damage to work place
  • Damage to materials

rH levels should be 40-60% to reduce risk of ESD.

Airborne Particles

Areas where particles become airborne can be a health hazard if inhaled. Examples of these areas are:

  • Welding
  • Sanding
  • Paint Spraying

Same principle is applied to areas where people encounter bacteria and other airborne illnesses. Keeping rH levels at 40-60% is important to keep items from traveling further and potential infecting a larger portion. Maintaining healthy employees reduces time away from work thus increasing production creating a cost savings.

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