Advantages of HVAC Humidification System

HVAC Humidification System

There are several ways that an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling) system can help in either a home or a professional setting. For one, they can be instrumental in cold storage. When using this system for cold storage, you want to make sure that the humidity levels are just right. That means avoiding systems that will drip or leave you with more moisture than you need. The goal is to keep humidity levels at just the right level. This type of HVAC Humidification System can also work wonders if you’re storing wine. Storing wine needs a very specific level of humidity and SmartFog can control humidity level from 1% to 99%.

Benefits of HVAC humidifiers

Before technology such as HVAC humidification system was available, the scope of the plantation was limited. Such as plants favoring tropical environments, could not be grown in Mediterranean and warmer climates. Advanced HVAC humidification systems are capable of creating the ideal ambient conditions for various plants. It makes the botanists’ lives easier as well as the lives of others who work with plants. Complex HVAC systems are now capable of monitoring humidity at ground level, and of automatically adjusting, thanks to advances in frequency technology.

Using conventional HVAC systems that don’t use humidifiers in combination with it, can cause different problems. Germs can stay longer in low humidity and spread quickly. For this reason, people get sick from the flu and cold in the winter as the droplets of sneezes can hang around the workplace for a couple of hours. On the other hand, high humidity creates condensation that can cause excessive sweating that led turning on your air conditioning system. For this reason, your power consumption and expense increases. In addition, too much humidity help growing mold that led to dirty mist or toxic mist. Bacterial and fungal infection is common in high humidity area.

Smart Fog uses innovative technology to maintain the perfect humidity level for commercial building and industries. In-duct, direct-space and mobile humidifiers are few state of the art humidification solutions to make you business safe and better place to work.