4 Attributes Commercial Warehouses Need for Humidification Systems

Controlling humidity in commercial warehouses has always been a desire of business owners. Excessive moisture and temperature levels are the biggest culprits of damage to the goods being stored in warehouses all across America. Innovation in HVAC units has solved the temperature control problem, yet controlling humidity has taken longer to solve. Let’s discuss why by looking at 4 attributes commercial warehouses need for humidification systems.

    • Precise Humidity Control without Wetting
    • Easy Application and Maintenance
    • Energy-Efficient and Safe
    • Sanitizes the Air

#1. Precise Humidity Control Without Wetting

The most common humidification systems up until the last decade have been clean steam humidifiers; other types used in industrial and commercial locations are – boiler steam, steam heat exchanger, canister steam, cold-water systems, centrifugal, ultrasonic, compressed air atomizers, and high-pressure cold water fogging.

One of the main problems with these types of gas and electrical powered humidification systems is they caused wetting in-duct or in the warehouse.

Smart Fog’s commercial humidification systems create 4.2-micron sized droplets, while these other systems create droplets over 5 microns in size.

The droplet size is key to not causing wetting on surfaces in-duct or below the machines in the warehouse. The smaller droplets evaporate into the air before reaching any surfaces, so no wetting occurs.

Smart Fog’s humidification systems also have a CPLC Controller, which precisely controls humidity levels through intelligent automation. This means warehouse workers don’t have to constantly regulate and control the unit to achieve proper humidity levels, saving time and effort.

#2. Easy Application and Maintenance

Warehouse businesses understand the importance of controlling humidity, so are willing to invest in a commercial humidification system. With that said, owners would like the system to be as easy to: install, use, and maintain, as possible.

Smart Fog has designed our units with plug and play installation, which means fast and low-cost installation. In warehouses, often this means on the wall, adjacent to air handling units, or suspended from the ceiling. All piping is easy to install and meets building codes and electrical requirements.

Another key attribute warehouse owners want in their humidifiers is low maintenance. Many of the commercial and industrial humidifiers we listed before requiring a lot of attention to keep going properly, at least compared to Smart Fog’s units.

Low maintenance is one of the best attributes of Smart Fog’s commercial humidification systems; large non-clogging orifices and the Smart Fog® de-correlation process makes maintenance a once every 2 years job, simply change the air filter.

#3. Energy-Efficient and Safe

Controlling large warehouse spaces requires a lot of energy, which means owners are always looking for ways to reduce their energy costs. They understand their need for a humidification system, yet need one that’s the most energy-efficient possible.

Smart Fog’s systems use 50 to 90% less energy than the other systems available. The natural de-correlation process (non-chemical and mechanical) is the most energy-efficient way of generating water droplets.

This process also requires low pressure (100 psi of compressed air) in order to operate – compared to 1000 to 2000 psi for high-pressure cold-water fogging systems. The low pressure also makes Smart Fog’s systems safer to install and use.

#4. Sanitizes the Air

No matter what’s being stored in a warehouse, having clean and sanitized air is important for the workers’ health and the preservation of goods. For this reason, sanitizing the air should be an attribute warehouse owners are looking for in their commercial humidifier.

The Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology also works to sanitize the air in commercial environments; the 4.2 microns sized droplets work to attract airborne pathogens and then eliminate them through oxidization.

Water droplets created by other commercial humidifiers are larger than 5.0 microns, which means they work to detract air-borne pathogens. This is why Smart Fog’s humidifiers are the most effective at sanitizing the air in warehouses, eliminating any: viruses, mold, dust, and bacteria.


Investing in a commercial humidification system for a warehouse is a big expense; this could be one or more units depending on the business or organization. This is why owners and managers will want these 4 attributes to be found in the system they choose. Basically, they want a commercial humidification system that’s easy to apply, energy-efficient, low maintenance, safe, and works well.

Smart Fog’s commercial humidification systems give owners the attributes they want and need in their warehouse environments. The innovative Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology is key to why Smart Fog’s commercial humidifiers are the best choice for warehouses. If you are interested in learning more please contact us today.


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