Proper Wine Storage Humidity Saves Winery Owners Evaporated

Having the right wine storage humidity level in wine barrel and bottle storage rooms, caves, and warehouses is extremely important. As wine company owners know, without the proper humidity, they will lose a substantial amount of wine to evaporation. This results in topping and the additional costs that it incurs.

Wine storage humidity must be kept at a high level

Wine storage humidity must be maintained at a certain level for optimum production. Our Smart Fog humidifiers for wineries provide consistent humidity that can be plugged in and used immediately. Besides saving on topping costs, our humidifiers eliminate mold, bacteria, and dust from the storage area. Wine bottles and barrels remain clean and fresh, and there is no wetting on the barrels or bottles. Our systems work with safe low operation pressure, and they conserve energy and water.

Smart fog provides optimal wine storage humidity

A constant humidity level is required, and that is what our humidifiers provide. Regardless of the humidity level outside, your wine storage area will have a consistent level of humidity above 50 percent. Our system automatically adjusts to the humidity to provide the proper level.

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