Maintaining Optimal Environment Greenhouse Humidifier

November 11th, 2014 by Smart Fog

greenhouse humidifier - the right humidification system

Greenhouse Humidifier  will allow you to create a healthier, more comfortable climate for your greenhouse, be it a personal or retail growing environment. A humidifier can slash energy costs and allow you to grow year round inside your greenhouse.

A consistent humid environment is very important because photosynthesis is slowed or stops altogether when humidity levels get too low. The environment becomes stressful to the plants as their leaves become unable to exchange moisture, oxygen and CO2.

Humidification tools can also be automated with thermostats and humidistat controls so you can maintain your optimal growing climate conditions.

There are  humidification  fans, misting fans and misting systems that can be used to maintain your climate. Your greenhouse size and shape, and the plants you grow will help determine which system may be best for you. Ask one of our experts today to help you find the best system for your greenhouse operation.


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