Improving Air Quality Work

Dust issues can truly affect the quality of life in a home or workplace, and if left unaddressed, lead to chronic and debilitating respiratory problems. In places where dust is regularly generated, such as factories or manufacturing centers, the health of employees can become a very important issue. In order to ensure that employees in workspaces that generate dust are not susceptible to illness or respiratory damage, companies should consider installing a commercial humidification system.

Non-wetting humidification aids in dust suppression, improves the overall quality of the air, and can help maintain optimal temperatures within the workplace. It will not cause damage to parts or machinery, as it does not humidify via the traditional route of pumping a wet mist into the space. Instead, non-wetting humidification can change the air quality via the use of a non-wetting fog. For companies that manufacture electronic parts, non-wetting humidification systems are especially helpful in controlling static electricity, which can damage components. If your office or factory is experiencing problems with air quality or dust control, consider a non-wetting humidification system to improve the air and the overall work environment.

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