Humidity Control Systems

Smart Fog® produces commercial humidity control systems for rooms requiring a delicate moisture balance. Our automated systems save businesses money by reducing the need for manual oversight and limiting maintenance requirements.

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Importance of Controlled Humidity

Humidity control systems are used in a wide variety of applications, from hospitals to museums to food-processing plants and everything in between. Any commercial environment must strike a fine balance between humid and dry air. Humidity prevents industrial materials from drying out and breaking. Humidity can also remove dust and harmful agents from the air within the controlled environment.

However, too much humidity presents its share of problems, leading to condensation. As a result, water collects on the surfaces, creating an opportunity for bacteria and mold to grow. The water itself can damage or even ruin equipment inside. Humidity control units ensure the ideal humidity for a given room and application.

Humidity Control Solutions From Smart Fog

At Smart Fog, we develop humidity control systems for a wide range of commercial applications. A humidity control system is a machine that adds moisture to the air as necessary to elevate a space to the ideal humidity for the situation.

Our humidity system is unique from others on the market in its use of Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology. This proprietary humidity control tool relies on a process called decorrelation that reduces water molecule cohesion and boosts adhesion. The process generates 4.2-micron water droplets that emit from the humidification system but evaporate before contacting any surface. The air becomes humid while surfaces remain dry.

We offer four distinct humidity control systems that utilize our patented Smart Fog® technology:

  1. ES100: Direct space humidifiers for wall-mount or duct installation
  2. TS100: In-duct humidifiers for even humidity distribution across numerous rooms
  3. ES100M: Mobile humidification systems for businesses on the move
  4. FT100: Food-safe fog tunnels that retrofit to any conveyor system

Low-Maintenance Humidity Control

The most basic way many companies manage their humidity control systems is by assigning the job to one of the employees. The employee may use a psychrometer or electronic humidity meter to determine the water levels in the air and then make adjustments to the system.

Manual humidity checks are inefficient and slow. Some companies do not realize there is a problem until an employee walks into a room and sees water sitting on top of various items. Obviously, this can create serious problems for the company, which is why Smart Fog automates humidity maintenance.

We’ve developed special sensors to constantly monitor the amount of moisture in the air. You’ll dial in the ideal humidity and when you want the room to reach this desired humidity level. The system will act when it notices the humidity level drop and disengage when it establishes the desired humidity. As a result, Smart Fog systems maintain high levels of humidity without forming surface condensation that many other competing systems produce.

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