Humidification System vs. Dehumidifier… Which do I Need?

Industrial humidifiers vs. dehumidifiers. What is the difference, and which one do you need? Both are great investments and have their own benefits. A humidification system is very common in the medical world as well as in the various stages of the food supply chain. Dehumidifiers are more common in homes to help with allergies and mold. Read on to learn the benefits of each.

Humidification System Benefits

Smart Fog industrial humidifiers and dehumidifiers have many different benefits. These systems produce micron droplets that add humidity to the environment without making the surfaces wet. The micron droplets allow the reduction of dust, viruses, mold, and bacteria. These industrial humidifiers are great in many different commercial industries. They are used in medical facilities and labs to make sure the environment is as dust and germ-free as possible. Industrial humidifiers are also used in the food industry to keep the food fresh and clean. The humidifier could be on the production belt coming off the farm or in the refrigerator case at the grocery store. The humidifier will help fruits and veggies say fresh longer.

Industrial humidifiers are also useful in industries where a certain level of humidity must be maintained. For example, in wine barrel rooms, a consistent level of humidity needs to be kept in order to allow the wines to age properly. Smart Fog’s ability to have intelligent precise humidity control is perfect for these industries that need exact humidity levels.

Dehumidifier Benefits

Dehumidifiers do the exact opposite of humidifiers. They take humidity out of the air. A lot of homeowners like to get dehumidifiers to decrease the moisture in the house. This is especially important during the hot, humid summer months. By decreasing moisture, a dehumidifier helps protect against allergies, mildew, and that overall damp feel.

Both a dehumidifier and a humidification system have their benefits. A dehumidifier decreases moisture in the air while a humidifier increases it. Many different commercial industries need humidifiers to help keep their environment free of dust, bacteria, and viruses. As a homeowner, it is smart to get a humidifier to use during the long, cold, dry winter months. In addition, get a dehumidifier to use during the hot, humid summer months. That way your home will stay comfortable all year long. For more information about Smart Fog and how it can help in a commercial or residential setting, contact us today.

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