Humidification Matters

When designing a new office space, factory, or housing development, there is often a large amount of discussion about ventilation, heating systems, air conditioning, and overall airflow. Everyone is concerned about air quality, and everyone has an opinion. However, one aspect of controlling the air quality in a large space is sometimes overlooked. Commercial and industrial humidifiers can greatly improve the air quality in a public space by controlling the amount of moisture in the air, and the temperature.

Unlike the humidity that we experience when we walk out of our homes during the summer months in many cities, commercial humidification is largely non-wetting. Instead of creating a semi-tropical environment, non-wetting humidification systems regulate the moisture in the air. For people with allergies, respiratory issues, or jobs that generate dust or airborne particles, commercial humidification can make working and living in an office, factory, or complex, a great deal more comfortable.

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